Monday, 27 November 2017

Poetry slam

  Fantastic work Year 5! You all worked really hard to write your poems. You added features of a poem, including similes, rhyme and alliteration, to show off what you have learnt. This made your poems more exciting. 

    You then practiced and performed them in front of the rest of the class. Very brave!

Everyone was supportive of the performers, and Year 5 encouraged each other to do their best.

Mr Watson was impressed with all of you. 

The illustrations you added to your poems were amazing! 

No matter how nervous they were, all of Year 5 performed enthusiastically. 

 After a week of writing, editing, illustrating and practicing your poem, it was clear to see how talented Year 5 are!

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  1. It was really fun writing and performing at the year five 2017 poetry slam!!!!!!!