Tuesday 20 March 2018

Morning of music

Year 5 journeyed to Ravensdale Primary School to sing their hearts out with Ravensdale Primary School, Cannon Park Primary School and Southfields Primary School. They learned new dance moves to the songs they had practised, waved their flags and showed off the posters they had made. It was a successful morning. Well done Year 5!

Friday 16 February 2018


A team from Howes traveled to Finham Secondary School to attend a robotics competition! Our team worked together over several weeks to had an amazing robot. We won best robot design! Well done everyone.

Our day as Ancient Egyptians!

Year 5 dressed up as Ancient Egyptians and spent the day immersed in the culture and knowledge of that period of history. We learnt how they would have measured their world and all about mummification!

Wednesday 7 February 2018

E-safety video

Follow this link to find an E-safety video. We learnt about internet safety and wanted to share this video with useful information.